Value Added with Power Connector

Bridging the Gap Between Standard and Revolutionary

DSC_7787- value addedWith years of innovation and expertise, Power Connector LLC (PCI) has emerged as a leader in the manufacturing of standard and specialized tactical communications connectors. Offering extensive value added services, PCI’s unparalleled customization capabilities continually sets us apart from competitors in the tactical communications interconnect manufacturing industry.

Providing Exceptional Standard and Customized Products

With a product offering of both standard and specially designed products, PCI continually leverages their ability to meet all customer-specific product demands through on-site engineering, development and production. PCI manufactures power connectors, audio plugs and receptacles, specialty connectors, and cable assemblies that are embedded with the most advanced and progressive capabilities.

Product Upgrades to Optimize Durability

Developed to maximize efficiency, each device in PCI’s expansive product line has been built to withstand shock vibrations in the most extreme environments. Lightweight and durable, PCI’s standard power and audio connectors can be upgraded and customized with EMI/RFI filter solutions to effectively eliminate signal interference.

A One-Stop Source For Your Power Connection Needs

PCI is your source for complete tactical communications interconnect manufacturing. From initial design to assembly services, including build-to-print and completely custom projects, PCI has proven itself as a resource for development and production—from inception to completion. PCI Operations schedules production according to specific end-user needs, from quick-turnaround prototyping to high-volume manufacturing of standard or customized products.

PCI is proud to incorporate the following value added services in its operations:

Value Added Enhances Performance

In each and every project, PCI provides advanced technological expertise and continual quality management oversight through every design and manufacturing stage. Operating under secure and efficient project protocol, PCI is a one-stop source for developing and manufacturing tactical communications products with new features and upgraded capabilities.