Multipurpose Medium Power/Audio U-Type

  • Connector Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Connector Mounting: Cable
  • Connector Type: Circular Military
  • Contact Gender: Pin (Plugs), Socket (Receptacles); U288 and U290 are transgender
  • Contact Material: Copper Alloy
  • Contact Plating: Gold
  • Contact Termination Type: Solder
  • Gender: Plug, Receptacle
  • Insert Arrangement: 12 x #20 contacts¬†; U316, U317, U318 14 x #20 contacts
  • No. of Contacts: 12, 14
  • All connectors are quick-disconnect, multipurpose for medium power or audio/signal applications, connectors within series intermate
  • Product Range: all MIL-C-55243 ; U316, U317, U318 also MIL-DTL-26482 Series
Part # Type Gender Contacts
U288 Panel Mount Receptacle 12, Pin
U289 Cable Mount Plug 12, Pin
U290 Cable Mount Plug 12, Socket
U291 Panel Mount Receptacle 12, Socket
U316 Cable Mount Plug 14, Pin
U317 Cable Mount Shorting Plug 14, Pin
U318 Panel Mount Receptacle 14, Socket