Power Connector LLC Product Categories

An Expansive Product Line With Customization Capability

Power Connector LLC (PCI) has established itself as a leader in the manufacturing of standard and specially designed tactical communications products. Offering both military-spec QPL’d and commercial adaptations, PCI embodies completeness and innovation in its vast array of products.

Precision Products to Strengthen Tactical Communications

PCI has expertise in value-added manufacturing for any subsystem or turnkey product. Committed toward sustaining itself as a one-stop solution for all tactical communication interconnect manufacturing needs, PCI offers the following products with several customization possibilities:

  • Cable Mount Power (MIL-DTL-55181 and MW10-series commercial) and Panel Mount Power (MIL-DTL-55181 and MW20-series commercial)
    PCI manufactures cable mount and panel mount mid-power connectors for military and commercial usage. PCI also develops specialty power connectors for panel and bulkhead installation, allowing for increased design flexibility and optimal mechanical performance.
  • MIL-DTL-55116 Audio Plug and MIL-DTL-55116 Audio Receptacle
    PCI’s audio plugs and receptacles are developed to deliver clean and clear communications for tactical operations in the most demanding conditions. In addition to offering standard products, PCI specializes in upgrading standard connectors with various customization options, including filtration, high-density contact patterns, and exclusion of back-end shells for custom overmolding.
  • Multipurpose Medium Power/Audio U-Type
    These versatile connectors enhance operator usage with quick- disconnect capabilities. Multipurpose for medium power or audio/signal applications, these cable or panel mount connectors are intermateable within their series and adhere to MIL-C-55243 specifications.
  • 10 Contact Audio
    These audio plugs (U77 and U78) and receptacles (U79 and U126) maximize durability in any tactical communications environment. Featuring either rigid or spring-loaded contacts, these connectors fully adhere to MIL-C-10544.
  • 18 Pin U-345 and U-344 Power Tray (Boat) Connectors
    PCI manufactures Power Tray (Boat) Connectors for usage in ground mobile tactical radios, such as Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio Systems (SINCGARS) and its derivatives.
  • Specialty Connectors (NBE’s, ON24, U393/U Right Angle, 27-Pin Harris)
    PCI has expanded its product line to include the development of specialty connectors. These unique, hard-to-find connectors offer various customization upgrades to meet specific end-user needs.
  • Accessories (Dust Caps, Adapter Kits, Tools, Spare Parts)
    PCI manufactures accessories that maximize efficiency, durability and versatility for power and audio connectors.

Power Connector’s Longevity in the Industry

PCI has maintained its technical and manufacturing facility in the same location for years—in fact, longer than any other competitor in the tactical communications interconnect industry. This unique level of stability proves PCI’s commitment to its customers, expanding technological boundaries and strengthening tactical communications.